Monday, January 3, 2011

Thailand New year Escape - Pt 2

The food! Well, it is so easy to find Muslim food in Thailand (Not sure about the Nothern part) because almost everywhere you go there will always be three in every ten restaurants.

When we arrived in Hatyai at 0800 on Wednesday, we had our breakfast in one of the Muslim restaurant there. Roti canai (Called pancake here) and teh O. I ordered banana pancake and egg pancake while Achan ate banana pancake. The total cost of breakfast that morning is BHT105 (RM10.50) I believed we got katok-ed, unless the tea is RM2 per glass.

It took us six hours to reach Ao Nang (0900-1500), so we skipped lunch and headed for dinner straight away around 1700. There's just one Muslim restaurant in the tourist area, Restoran Jamai. located at the hill of a mountain, we sat at the highest (third level) of it.

What can I say about the food? Jamai's quite a dissapoinment. I mean, the cashewnut fried rice is good but their tom yam kung is worse than my own cooking, haha! I ordered fanta soft drink and the total cost of my early dinner was BHT120 (RM12). BHT40 for fried rice, BHT60 for tom yam kung and BHT20 for Fanta.

The next day we went for the island-hopping activity! At 1230 we stopped in Phi Phi Island for our lunch. Eating with the rest of the team was fun, being able to chat about where they came from and all. The spaghetti is treated just like another side dish, and the whities believed that! LOL! This meal is included in our tour package.

Later that night the real hunt for food began! Asking the tuk-tuk driver around will bring you to almost anywhere so I suggest that you ask them to take you to Greenview Village Resort area, just stopping at the main road. Here, there are a few Muslim restaurants you can choose. Try Sareefa, and I can assure you you won't regret.

My dinner are pineapple fried rice and Tom Yam Kung while Achan's are white rice, crunchy omelette and green curry.We brought along Som Tam bought from the street.

The tom yam is extremely good, rich in taste, from its sour, savory and sweet taste of tomato, chillies, lemongrass and whatnot and a bit creamy with coconut milk. The green curry is just as good, tasted like masak lemak but with a distinct sweet fragrance. They were super spicy but we didn't give a damn, every spoon is worth the red hot lips we had from start to the end! And the som tam, wooh! Just the way I like it, made to perfection.

A big bowl of tom yam kung or green curry is BHT120 (BHT80 for a small one), the fried rice costs BHT40, hale's blue boy drink BHT250, white rice BHT10 and omellete BHT20.

On Friday we went to Krabi Town, most shops are closed today. Luckily we found a good spot selling noodle to eat . I thought I ordered mee hoon but the one provided is larger than what is available in Malaysia. Nevertheless, I must say I love it very, very much! Its chicken broth + soy sauce soup is light in appearance but extremely rich in taste. What more with the chilly flakes and tender, chewy, marinated chicken, I wish I had ordered a take out before we left. The noodle is BHT30. Delicious and cheap! Combo!

Later that evening when we got back to Ao nang, a restaurant called caba was our next eating spot. It's quite expensive being located at teh heart of the tourist area, but every meal is worth the money paid. just look at my shrimp paste fried rice and Achan's pineapple fried rice! And the portion is big, you see. Prepared for westerns' stomachs... and Achan's... and mine~

Their veggies are always prepared raw, treated as ulam. raw chillies and onions, dude! Thankfully I only took a few, was already fanning myself from my first take. A dish at this restaurant is around BHT80-120 (RM8-12) for every fried rice meal.

To summarize their food would be easy - Delicious! I know, it's just like what we have in Malaysia but to have the real taste from its country is way much better, we might hav esubstituted some ingredient to fit our local tounges. So, come... And eat!

Wait, there's still one more post on the food - Street food!

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