Tuesday, February 19, 2013

2013 started with Maria Alena

Entah from where, suatu hari duduk bodo-bodo kebosanan, we proposed to challenge ourselves as a welcoming remark to 2013.

The process is simple, you propose a challenge to your friend. If he accepts, he or she will draw the date to complete the challenge. He or she can also propose a challenge for him/herself, provided the group agree.

What is my challenge? Well, you can read in the pic. Damn, I don't even know who's this girl and what's so hyped about her, but hey, there's no harm in trying.

For me it is something cool. You're gonna be doing something out of your comfort zone so it will help you to break out of your shield. And hopefully it's gonna be fun. After all, that's the purpose of taking the challenge.

Will I succeed? I don't know. Crossing fingers, hehe.

Till then, ciao~!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

I guess I'm another day older

Aih, lama sungguh tak post. Takpe, cuba-cubalah berani balik nak menulis.

Well, the idea of coming back to write is simply because I was having a Level 9000 boredom. It's been a long weekend for me. Five days of holiday feels so awkward. You know, you just kind of, like, lost. The funny thing is I'm not that workaholic at all. I do what I feel like I do best, and that's it. But I like going to work because I got good colleagues who've so far had turned out to be my best friends, just like high school and university years.

And since one of the most demanding project had finally finished, I'm having a few extra hours to just chill and do nothing. But I should be thinking about starting a new project. But I'm already going to start one. But I'm... Just not in the mood for a new one. But I... Need to strife!

Anyway, Muse's Madness is sick! How it grows slowly from a catchy tune to be obsessively aggressive yet sexy, it's like a BDSM in your ears.

Oh ya, back to the story, I think I'm turning into a person with no life. You know, like a certain somebody in my office. Thank God I got my friends, my housemates whom help me to be normal. If not I'd spend my whole day in the room on the net reading manga and 9gag and wikipedia. Sheesh, talking about growing up to be a better human being!

Yeah, about that. What is it all about being a better person if you don't have a target? What is my mission this year? And do I have a vision?

Sometimes I feel like I do, but most of the time I let the time itself decides for me. I like it like that, do not live by any thread. There is no one straight line. Roads do diverge.

Heck, even I have diverted. I am Izzuan, Iwan, Nyamouq, and EZ. And sometimes, I am Izzudin~ I don't know how Izzudin came into the picture he came.

Well, enough blabbering. i can talk nonsense for hours but I need to finish this Bleach manga before I go to sleep.

Nity nyte, nighters~


Thursday, April 19, 2012