Tuesday, February 19, 2013

2013 started with Maria Alena

Entah from where, suatu hari duduk bodo-bodo kebosanan, we proposed to challenge ourselves as a welcoming remark to 2013.

The process is simple, you propose a challenge to your friend. If he accepts, he or she will draw the date to complete the challenge. He or she can also propose a challenge for him/herself, provided the group agree.

What is my challenge? Well, you can read in the pic. Damn, I don't even know who's this girl and what's so hyped about her, but hey, there's no harm in trying.

For me it is something cool. You're gonna be doing something out of your comfort zone so it will help you to break out of your shield. And hopefully it's gonna be fun. After all, that's the purpose of taking the challenge.

Will I succeed? I don't know. Crossing fingers, hehe.

Till then, ciao~!


nanad said...

Maria Elena lahhh~ bukan Alena !
She's a blogger. famous jugak.
ni belog beliau:
Good luck brother !

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