Sunday, January 2, 2011

Thailand New year Escape - Pt 1

Hello everyone. How was your new year celebration? Must be awesome, right?

This time around, I chose to celebrate it outside of Malaysia. It wasn't planned actually, it was only three days before the trip that everything started.

(Puffing ciggy) "I've like a few more annual leaves to spend. I don't know what I'm to do with it~"
"Let's go to Thailand."
"Thailand? Seriously? Like, when?"
"Have you got your passport yet?"
"After you're done with it."

And I got my passport the day we were about to leave. All planning was done through e-mails and communicator. Most of the time, we decided to just go with the go-there-first-decide-later attitude.


I'll start by talking about the transportation first, since if I don't segregate the trip story, it'd be extremely long.


So on Tuesday we took the bus to Hatyai. It was a langkah kanan as the time got there, the drivers were having a kenduri kesyukuran. We got free dinner, so it saved us a meal that night. Hehe.

Back to the main story, the main transportaion for this trip is the bus. A trip to Hatyai is RM55. Travelling at night would be advisable as it takes nearly six to eight hours to arrive to the border alone (Somehow the bus only took four hours, so we spent time sleeping at the border for two hours).

In Hatyai, we have to take the van (They call it mini-bus) to go to Krabi. It will cost you BHT600 (RM60) if you don't search the ticket yourself, BHT 250 (RM25) if you do! Seriously, do not follow any guy to help you buy the ticket. They're leeches that suck up to 110% of the normal price! I recommend Angel agency, and NEVER go to the Lucky Agency.

From Krabi to Ao Nang, kindly search for a big tuk-tuk , not the small one. The small one is quite private as it will only carry you, but it will cost you BHT200 (RM20) per head, the big tuk-tuk will only cost you BHT50 (RM50). Plus, you can make friends on the big tuk-tuk~ =)

If you want to go island-hopping (That's what we do on the second day), taking a speedboat is better. It will cost you BHT700 (RM70) for the whole trip. We paid BHT85 (RM85) before we knew the actual price  (By talking to the locals) but it was okay, as the travel agency here helped us to book our second hotel and planned for our trip home too. I mean, they make money through commissions, after all. But if you already got everything else in hand, kindly ask for the local price.

Travelling in Ao Nang is either by foot or (small) tuk-tuk. A tuk-tuk will cost you BHT20 (RM2) per trip no matter where you want to go inside the area. After twelve midnight it will be BHT30 (RM3). I'd rather say walking is the best way for you to go to places there, you get to see people, the shops, the food, the beach and all. After all, one place to another is not that far, unless you are staying outside of the town.

Our third day in Thailand, we rent the motorbikes. One will cost you either BHT150 (RM15) or BHT200 (RM20), depending on what motorbike you want. Being quite big, we paid an extra RM5 for our comfort, hehe~ This is the easiest method to travel from Ao Nang to Krabi. The bike is yours for the whole 24 hours, so you can go wherever you want to go! Be careful though, the gasoline price here is quite expensive as it is deregulated. a litre is around BHT20-40 (RM2-4) depending on stations. One tank is about BHT80-100 (RM8-10)

We left Ao Nang on Saturday, taking a mini-bus straight from our hotel to Hatyai and a double-deckered bus from Hatyai to KL.

I am too lazy to calculate the overall spendings. maybe this post can be a guide for you to decide if you want to go back-packing to Krabi.

Coming up, the food!

Till then,


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