Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Thailand New year Escape - Pt 3

Okay, this post won't be much of a guide, just an appreciation of the local street and junk food me and Achan ventured trying. Basically like I've said earlier, it is not hard at all to find halal food in Ao Nang and Krabi, almost anywhere you go there will always be a Muslim restaurant or stall. And yes, they are devillicious~!!! 

That is what, I believe, the reason of me gaining two kilos after the trip, which I'm quite astounded since it felt like most of the time we were either walking or riding or swimming or whatever -ing, not so much time spent sitting down or sleeping, haha~!

One of the most notable street food is the pancake (Roti canai). Pancake here is served with a super-extra twist to it, anything from the plain white bread to dragonfruit-filled can be bought. The most famous one would be banana-line pancakes : Banana+chocolate, banana+honey, banana+Nutella, banana... And the pancake is sold at BHT20-25 (Rm2-2.50)

Others are awesome-oh-awesome too, like the cucuk-cucuk food, which sold at BHT10 (RM1) each, and no matter what type it is, it will always be served with some raw veggies like cucumber, mint, ginger or/and lettuce. How healthy are they?! Oh yeah, some even give green chillies!

You will be invited to taste your food, especially on the ones that will have to be prepared first, like som tam, fried maggi, etc. The extra effort to satisfy their customers is beyond our delight! No extra charge, mind you. ALl the have-to-be-prepared-first food is around BHT20-40 (RM2-4). Drinks? Usually only BHT10 (RM1).

This Som Tam is pure heaven~!!! Woooh~~~!!! I was gayer than Gaga on this one!!!

These pictures below are some of the fascinating ones we found while in Krabi market. They taste as good as they look, seriously~ =)

I don't know hat it's called, but i would call it crepe with creamy vanilla cream and tangy coconut.  Imagine it in your mouth, please.

Strawberries! Ain't sour at all!A cup-full is just BHT30 (RM3).

Lengkong/cincau. Thicker and richer in taste. Home-made.

Pickles, spicy ones. I din't try this one. Must be good though because people were queuing up like crazy.

Haha~ This one below is not a street food but you can't find a 3 litre cola in Malaysia! This, my friend, will be a souvenir to our buddies back home! Look how huge it is in comparison with a pack of ciggies? It's BHT40 (RM4).

Last day we were back in Hatyai, the food was just as fascinating. Enjoyed eating fresh-fried crispy crab and juicy fruits while practicing our negotiating skills with the locals (Customer bargaining power all teh way, full force!). Oh, I miss Thailand's mini pineapples, huem~ and yes, BHT10 baby!

While waiting for our bus, we had our last taste of Thailand in the Lee gardens Mall. A busy ice cream shop, irresistible with its great selection of mouth watering flavors. We tried almost every flavor before deciding on the ones to really be indulged.

Duhh, of course we had some scoops! Two scoops at BHT80, a scoop at BHT49 (RM4.90). We were on clouds nine~

We went to the travel agency, waited for our bus and journeyed back to KL, with stomach full of Thailand fat, huargh huargh huargh! Oops, Alhamdulillah~

So what did we actually do in Thailand? Next post, loves~

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