Monday, January 31, 2011

I smiled today 3

The butch lesbian morning face~

 1) The totally-free-lunch last week! Thank you to all of you who spent their ringgits on me, may God bless you always~ And to Jue, may you find your soulmate soon. =)

2) The full set of Pengembaraan Doraemon that I bought at the charity bazaar. A childhood memory.

3) New friends I made by joining the logistics team for the bazaar. They are owh-so-funny~!!! Stuck like glue instantly~

4) Guna's wedding. Gunalan is married to Gunavathi, someday they will conquer the world with the Guna clan!

5) The much awaited wedding of Bert and Jannah this Saturday. They've been together since our foundation year in UTP.

6)  Seeing the kitties are doing fine with their new families. I'm so happy for them.

7) My best friend is back in Malaysia! Guess who?

8) My another best friend is also coming back to Malaysia... For good! Yeay~! Again, guess who?

9) The tangerine rain from the upcoming Chinese New Year. Do you know it's my year this year?

10) My new hairstyle. makes me feel like a butch lesbian~

Smile, it's the shortest route to happiness~!

Till then,



siti murni said...

loads of good news here! free lunch, friends getting married, friends coming back...well...that's good and happy 4 u too..:)

AlexAlabasta said...

Thanx~ Hope you hav lotsa great nus too~ =)