Friday, January 28, 2011

Auburn's Perfect Two and the fluffy kittens

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When her siblings left the house, Smelly was devastated. Everything that she does seems so incomplete. At night she'd be dreaming that she still could play hide and seek with her loved ones.

At night she cried herself to sleep. "Where, oh where, are thou, my brothers and sisters?"

And so she began a journey. Travelling ups and downs, lefts and rights for a sign of someone whom she could share her longing for happiness.

Until one day, she found a prince charming, with cherry blossom red nose and aqua blue eyes. His hair is strawberry blonde, flowing rythimicly with every step he took to come close to her.

The prince, named Popo, spoke "Who are you?"

"I am Che Uchu Che Embong, young lad~" said Smelly, trying to impress that dazzling someone with her own silky silver hair and auburn eyes.

"Would you like to play with me, Ms Uchu?"

Smelly was shocked. "Really? You want to play with me? Are you sure?"

"Yep, because I don't have anyone to play with except my mother, Queen Nunu. I feel you could be my new playmate."

"certainly, sire~"

They talked and they played, laughing and giggling and biting and head-butting each other.

But Popo had a very weird secret. Every time when he just finished playing, he would sleep. And nobody could ever wake him up no matter what they do.

Smelly just watched as Popo slept.

Smelly smiled. She walked outside to the open world. Now she was back at playing with herself again. But this time she was happy, because even though she met a new friend who would sleep whenever and wherever he feels like sleeping, now Smelly was no longer alone.

The end~

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izza` said...

alalalaaa! cian Smelly or Uchu? konfius. Popo dah duduk rumah u ke?

AlexAlabasta said...

Name betol Uchu, name panjang die Busuk so mputihkan jadik smelly, haha. Popo datang slumber party sekali-sekala. Diorg slalu brslumber2 party ni~

Saadon Zubir said...

comelnya kucin..

AlexAlabasta said...

Hehe, thank you. Nak dtg tngk2 sila lah ke rumah~

fae ramly said...

haha comel