Thursday, January 13, 2011

Be yourself~

Is it wrong for me to say that when I've found my soul mate, the first thing I'll do is to see her flaws because it's the only way I can appreciate her to the core and love her even more?

Her bad hair day.

The constant whine about bad LRT services through Twitter/FB/sms.

The hearty laugh with tears in her eyes, even more if she accidentally snorts.

And the way she tries to act innocent when she just made a fool of herself.

Or when she can stop nagging to her sisters, or even to me, when we do something stupid.

Or her tantrums when she's being nagged.

Or her stares, when she looks me in the eyes, knowing that I am looking at her too, feeling embarrassed that she's judging me the way I'm judging her~

I would love to love her flaws, make her understand what life is all about. Make her believe that life is worth living for. She can always be herself for when I'm in love, I'll make sure she is who she is, with her wants and needs, with her true self and most importantly, with me~


My all-time fav song. A heartbreaker. She's a genius, writing song a song so sad it cringes to your bones.

Till then,



gabbana said...

her...? him perhaps...? ;p

baru nak excited sbb igtkan aku... wahahaha..

gabbana said...

ni hah, WAJIB baca:

jgn tergelak smpai pecah lemak sudah.

wait. tht should be good rite..? ;p

jijie said...

sweetnya.. hehe~
and that's what we called love.. =)

AlexAlabasta said...

Adam, you kah? Haha~ Can be kot~

Thanx Jijie. Yes, love is sweet~ =)