Saturday, January 15, 2011

Baby blues and weddings~

Oh, dah lama tak buat post random!

1) Korang penah bacer Baby Blues tak? Aku suka giler comic strip nih, sampai carik merata tempat collections dia. I think they've more than fisty kot skang. Oh, my fav character is that baby Wren, she is the definition of cuteness!!!! Tolong ceriakan hari-hari korang dengan melawat website Baby Blues.

This is the first strip, zaman Zoe kecik lagi~ Comel kan?

2) I thought I could skip smoking, or at least reduce. Turned out to be just another shove-your-@$$ new year resolution.

3) Aku tak faham kenapa orang kita suka sangat aibkan orang bersungguh-sungguh. Kalau nak buat pengajaran pon, takkan smapai panggil orang sundal, lepas tu sama-sama kutuk-mengutuk sampai lapan juta comments, tapi takda lansung  tindakan nak memperbaiki orang yang salah tu. Habis tu, tak buat dosa pulak kita dok jadi batu api, menyemarakkan lagi rasa benci sesama manusia?

4) Musim hujan dah macam nak reda. I'm gonna miss the afternoon mist from the mountains~ At least i won't be struggling to get up in the morning, kan?

5) Shaldan Pot apple is better than lavender. And it's red, not purple~

6) It reminds me, semalam I tried to wear pink. But then Willy Wonka asked me if he could adopt me, I got scared, so... That's why I went to Laili's engagement in blue. Alasan~! =P Makanan die sedap! Especially the fish fillets, umph~

7) Also attended Yaya's wedding, which is last week. Oh, what a cute wedding~ Bunga api bagai~! A wedding by the lake, mestilah sangat sweet~

8) I love doing laundry, I just hate the ironing part~ I wish Bobby could stand up and help me iron these pile of clothes~!

9) That'd be cute, seeing Bobby standing and wearing a butler shirt, with his grimace face~ =)

10) My nightmares have stopped. I don't know how it stopped or why did it even start, all I care now is that it already ends.

11) I learned my lesson last year, so this year I'm gonna use my annual leave as early as possible, starting by this 21st January 2011!

12) Wish me luck!

Til then



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Wish you good luck and all the best!

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