Friday, December 25, 2009

Randoming at 3.00 am

I am at a neutral state with my position now. Seems everything is okay, but I am so lost because everything is... okay, I am not okay with everything. I don't mean I'm looking for trouble, but is okay really an okay or is it a trouble yet to come?

Impulsive buying behavior is not good. Need to create another account for ACTUAL SAVING as fast as I can. Bought Britney's Fantasy and Midnight Fantasy in one day, that's bad~ That's really bad~

Looking for a pet. I am lonely, I admit. That's why I love cats, but Smak is traumatized by cats so I have to find other kind of pet that love cuddling and not dumb... Like hamsters. Something that is a lap-lover, like... a cat.

My country is a friendly country. Read this, hehe.

I haven't shown you my bed yet, right? Notice the missing parquets? Yeah, I'm lazy~ Maybe tomorrow when we're searching for washing machine I'll find some of those too.

The first day it came into my house. see the SuperBrand logo still attached? Poyo~

See my moo-moo mini shelf? He's sweet and a reliable shelf! let's give him some moral support! You go, Moo-Moo!!!

You won't know KL until you're lost. It's true. I wanted to go to KLCC, ended up in Zoo Negara. Now I know it's so easy to go to Zoo negara from my house! One (satu, uno, yi, une) right turn, that is all.

Miss my family~ Wanted to go home this week, but my parents said they're coming here to bring some furnitures over. In the end they changed their plan not to come this week! I wanna go home~~~!!! But a promise is a promise, I must take care of Panda as promised to Jalal. She's a sugar glider~

I'm waiting for this movie to come out. Star-studded!

There's George Lopez and Ms Baker! Not to forget my future wife, Ms Swift~

Till then,



Billy Aman said...

babi...ko ckp emster dumb..haha..but seyesly..i agreed

AlexAlabasta said...

Dumbas in they go "Duhhh~" when we say we love them, unlike dogs and cats that will go "I wuv youtchoo~"

...Plus, they poop and pee whenever and wherever they feel like doing so~

AzA ZaiNaL said...

cute shelf...

AlexAlabasta said...