Saturday, December 26, 2009

Suicidal note of a lonely person

Down like ten feet under, left with nothing but dried hope. And it's bad because it is still there.

What would you do to wake up every morning feeling sorry for yourself because you're so lost in this world you don't ever feel belonged?

If only there was a planet I could call my own, where every dream is not a dream and only beautiful ones exist. I dream of it every time I wake up from this bed.

Am I a loner? On the contrary.

I was never a loner, still not and will never be. I'm lonely and it is not a just, as loneliness can eat all of your inside leaving you hollow when the hope is dry.

And my hope dried, and I am lonely, and I wish I could leave hope and loneliness forever and be happy.

In my own planet... where I do belong.



Billy Aman said...

po sadis sgt ni

siti murni said...

u were never lonely..& never be..insyaallah..

AlexAlabasta said...


No biggieslah, Billy, Murni~

Its just a note. Tgn menulis begitu~