Friday, June 26, 2009

Transformers 2: Revenge of The Fallen review

FINALLY!!! Pergi jugak aku ushar movie nih dengan kekasih2 gelapku - Achul ngan Kong! Although tak tengok time premier, okiesla dapat gak tengok semalam. But no matter what, its a sold-out show, just like expected.

I watched Transformers 2: Revenge Of The Fallen. I give it 4/5 stars.

This time we will know why Sam is a very important entity

It is sure a must-watch movie! The action is awesome, lots of teeth-grinding moments, even some people got up from their seats to applause! The best moment would be when Optimus Prime ..., woooh!

The comedy is still entertaining, although this time I'm a bit sad not seeing Maggie the Hot Nerd returning with her wacky friend (The dude who ate the whole plate of doughnut). Skid and Mudslap covered that for me, I think. And I still love Sam's parents, they were hilarious! And Simmons and Leo, OMG! Love them both!

"My son is a virgin, I heard'em all~" Sam's mother.

CGI? Pffft. Of courseLAH it's marvelous!!! I mean, it blends superbly well with the real world you feel like THEY are real! And when they transform, those complicated transformation, they'll leave you out of breath. The mostt surreal scene would be when The... Aish, forgot its name, that big Decepticon climbs the Pyramid.

And I wanna have that tounge of Alice, hehe~

Antara babak awal. Triplets in their disguise form

Ending di Egypt

Why 4, not 5?

Too much armies, too little screen time of the other Autobots except Prime Optimus and Bumblebee. I was expecting the female-Transformers-Triplets to have an opponent of their own, let them fight at least one Decepticon, rather than just being given a mere 'watak pipih' with one dialogue line, then got cut off. To me, this time they make me feel like the other Autobots being in the movie just to... be there.

And what the hell with too much army screen-time?! If you cut them half, you will do justice to the Autobots! If we wanna watch the armies, we'll go see Saving Private Ryan~

Fav characters

The blue radio Decepticon-turns-Autobot - Then again, if it's Mikeala, everybody would be like him! Haha~

Jetfire - I don't know, he has a lot of charisma and he's funny at the same time!

Arcee, Chromia and the purple bike - Waaah~! This is the saddest part! Why la, why did they do this to y'allz?!!!

Ni la salah sorang triplets tuh, Arcee


To conclude, if there are no Leo, Simmons, Sam's parents and Prime Optimus' ...(Rahsia), this movie is not as good as the first one. But wait, it is, for sure, a MUST-WATCH no matter what!!! I repeat, it is a MUST_WATCH!!! Check its blog too, ya?

And to get the best information and pictures regarding the movie, you gotta come here!

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Anonymous said...

T________T nak tengok tapi entah bila. i'm not going to GEMS..(pulak dah?) sebab i'm currently working at usm. maybe you dengan bonnet dapat trolak kot, so dia panggil lewat sikit sebab intak 1st july kan..*pray for you both*.=D

Anonymous said...

typo *intake di situ

Half said...

aku baru nk tgk ari ni..

AlexAlabasta said...

Bonet dah dapat dah, Hotel Havard (Tol ke name hotel ni?). NymQ je tak, huhu~

Tak spoil lagi la, hehe. Seyes cerita die more than meet the eyes.

Kersani said...

what if we're gone and you're wrong??


remember this dialogue???


Bajet said...

Kena tengok ni. Tak pun tunggu keluar kat dc++ je.

Hannah said...

x tgk gy.. Huwaa.. xsmpt.. iskk2.. nk gy cpt2 book tiket nk tgk..

AlexAlabasta said...

Yeah! Pastuh askar tuh responded "That's a good question," kan? Haha!

Ape DC++, Jali?! Giler tak best tengok situ~

Cepat2, Hannah~!

nisha said...

uwaa..weekend lepas dah siap beratur panjang.

Tup tup tiket semua habis. Tinggal midnite.

Takkan nak stay kan. Next day kena keje.

tsk tsk..sedey2

Nih dah plan ngan member nak tengok after abis keje Khamis nih. Sanggup tuh..

Transformers punya pasal.hahah

AlexAlabasta said...

Keje dulu Nisha, itu lebey penting~ Utamakan yang terutama.