Sunday, June 28, 2009

STAROBA Weekend 2009 from the eyes of a mosquito

Baru balik dari STAR! FaceBookers! Click here! Rindu syal walopon only sehari je berlalu~ Here's a tribute to OBW2009~


When was the last time I felt so young at heart?

I guess the decision to go to STAR at the very last minute really paid off. The two hours ride I took from Penang didn't feel a thing when I arrived at Masjid Dairy and was welcomed by my first love, Mr Renoma at the iwan. Then I started to see others and we greeted each other inside the holy mosque.

Abrar Che Teh mendefend kedudukan Bollock apabila ditembak Nik

Everybody looked different, especially in terms of physical appearance. Most of us, well, including me, had become an extra ten to twenty kilos bigger than the last time we met. Nobody knows, but when I prayed Zohor that evening, I thanked God for giving me to see them again.

Then we offed to STAR. Welcome home boys! Parked my bike, got into Ikram's car and went teacher hunting! Only managed to catch Ustaz Mokhtar and Cikgu Mohamad that day because most teachers weren't home (kursus la, tuisyen la, mane la). We also went to Ms Irene's house. Sempat jugak Press posing depan umah Lat (next to Irene's house) sebelum cikgu balik dari klinik menghantar kucingnya, hehe~

Cikgu Guffry yang tidak dimakan usia

Match petang tuh. STAR menang kot, aku tak tengok habes~

Rombongan 5 buah kereta menyerang hendap cikgu-cikgu

Then, we came back to school. There I met a few more of my batch 44 bros at the field while watching the current STAR boys fighting MCKK in a rugby match. The turf! I used to stand here once before in my sport house shirt cheering for the players before, and now I was back again. The game ended around seven something. Oh ya! We met Pak Abu! Boy, did I miss him~

Zabit, my beloved darling who turned to Mr Pilot belanja us that night for two splendid suites in Casuarina Hotel. I was in room 911/912 with Abrar Che Teh, Gandhi, Guru, Press, Rosman and Ikram while in room 901/902 there was Zarith, Adam, Bollock, Makro, Payunk, Nik and Akmal Hashim. (Guling-guling)

Berehat sambil membodek Mr Pilot

After resting for awhile (Awhile? Dah duduk dalam bilik hotel, awhile la sangat restnyer), we headed to Dataran MBI to eat, chat, laugh and joke with each other. Although Adam didn't like it, I love that we were accompanied by 'kaki jalan' performance. Nik lah the only good fellow at our table, putting some money for their performances. I didn't perasan they were behind me, if I knew I would give them what they deserved! Thanx guys!

Entah apentah ade depan MBI, pertandingan boombox kot. Bising giler sekor-sekor keter time kami makan tuh!

Off to STAR, the hunt for teachers continued! As we were a bit late (Not even attending the grand dinner, haha!) we only met Cikgu julie (Makro's team dapatla jumpa dua tiga orang cikgu lagi cos they went to the dinner). She is as sweet as ever, miss her sarcastic jokes so much, that night we indulged the moment without realizing how time passed us by. OMG! Rosman kene pulas telinga! Haha! Upload weyh cepat-cepat gambar tuh!

Kembali bersiaran dalam program Julie and The Fans~!

Some of us were thinking of karaoke-ing while the others went to play futsal. In the end, team karaoke batal, so the rest went to futsal. I knew they were having a great time, biler lagi nak berpeluh ngan batch ramai-ramai, kan? Then, mamak dulu, baru balik tido! Owh, sorry. Of course la before we sleep we did what we had been keeping for so long, MORE TALKING!!!



The next day we went back to STAR for STAR vs STAROBA rugby game. Ghandi was the only person who participated in the game, being the others who were sleeping in Toksex's house were still... sleeping, haha! Wooh, the sexiest jersey ever, those STARians wearing. We also took the time to talk with Kak Rose (The librarian) and Mr Franco. Pusing-pusing around STAR and snapped pictures here and there, nothing seems different but a bird park at the fountain in front of biology lab.



The academic block corridor where we used to walk

Then, two more houses were attacked - Cikgu Umai and Cikgu Fouziah! News shared, perspectives changed, but it is not for us to decide what's best for the school. Ape-ape pon, visiting them were fun and memorable!

After sembahyang at Masjid Dairy lagi sekali, the gang went to Mee Rebus Ramlee. Sorry guys I lead you to the restaurant like hell, hehe~ But we still sampai kan? Haha~! Mee Rebus Ramlee memang best! Thick gravy, chewy noodle, if you guys ever come to Ipoh, do visit the shop in the town center.

Di Mee Rebus Ramlee

At last, we'd come to the farewell part. Salam-salaming everyone, everybody headed down to South while me, KB and Akmal Hashim headed to the North. Sedey la nak berpisah, but kontrol tetap kontrol.

Did I mention they've changed? I guess it is just the physical, nobody changed much. Still the same people I came to love five years ago and I hope it will always be that way. Along the way back to Penang, I couldn't stop myself from thinking how grateful I am choosing to come to STAR at the very last minute. Now I'm missing them already~

Dulu dekat tingkap ni lah aku slalu cheer kat budak-budak yang kene larik 50 round~


When was the last time I felt so young at heart?



incik neng said...

kalau kamu tak mintak komen pon aku komen

"boy, you bring me down to memory lanelah!"



Anonymous said... too ning.aku mmg tetap akan komen jgk.Nymq,nice effort to present it in ur own way!Aku terhibur..nx time kita plan lg ramai2..aku akan pastikan nx OBW lebih meriah dgn kehadiran yg lbh besar..amin~

btw,i hope i was polite ms tido..hee..first time tido sblh ko..hehe..


AlexAlabasta said...

Mekasih Ning. Wish you were there~ Seyesly~

Yezza Guru! Nway, u were rough beside me, and I was having a great time (Mata jeling-jeling manja) Haha~!

atoyz said...

nice nyamouq!
dapat tak semua cikgu hangpa kejaq?

cendawanintim said...

beraninya ko dik buat serangan hendap kat cikgu2 yer, siap pi ngendap ngan 5 buah kete lagik tuh!!

AlexAlabasta said...

Cikgu Norishah je x dapat jumpe, Atoy. And I really wanna meet Ms Mastura Shaari, huhu~ Xpelah, xde rezeki~ Tapi cikgu2 lain tetap best~!

Haha, mungkinkah inilah reasonnya Cikgu Norishah larik? Hehe~