Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pixie Lott

Love this new song, Mama Do.

Lagu yang catchy, terus shoot to no1 spot dalam hari pelancaran di UK! I think she'll be a big name some day~

Handclaps die simple je, handclap, back hand clap, finger click, handclap.

Her single and album's just came out! I wanna grab one~

Ps - Mata dia lawa kan?



Charlz said...

Nice! Thanks for introducing. I do think that she's one with potential :)

Baby Wify said...

cuba compare ngn mata baby ni.. mana lagi lawa?? hehehe

AlexAlabasta said...

I believe it too bro~

Haha. Of cos la kamu, glow lebey! Talking about being Asian!