Friday, June 12, 2009

Jobless and restless pt 1

The last day of Uni feels like yesterday. Whether I realize it or not, it had been almost three weeks I stepped my foot out of the school but I still can't figure out what life gonna be in the next six (or more, but hope not) months as I have to wait for the call from PETRONAS.

Since I am not receiving my scholarship anymore, old habit kicked in and now VD is back in my playground almost every night. It is not about being occupied but the loneliness creeping in when I have nobody to talk to leads the rereading of past history. After all, they are still my friends and we can talk boylingual to the fullest at last. Really, it's not just about sex and money, because if it is, you will see me twenty pounds lighter. But still, even if you're not the stars of the team, it ain't hard to get a few bucks if you know what to practise.

1) Hygiene - You and the client

2) Safety - Using code words. The team is alert, you're safe.

3) Control - Outside the session, in the house.

4) Flexibility - During the session. The client comes first.

5) Anonimity - Outside the house. Never reveal your real name. Conversation can be personal, but not a single person's details like name can leave your mouth.

And for some special people, like myself, you need to add rule no6) Closeness - Your character plays equally the leading role with your 'job' skill. Most importantly to get them as close to you sexually and of course, (theirs) personally as possible. Make them feel you're a part of them so that they won't 'betray' you.

"Out? Again?" Mom said.

"You said you'd be worried if I don't have friends now I'm home," I replied.

"I did. But I want you to balance, dear," she continued as I left to get my bike.

Need to watch your activity too, you know, as not to make people close to you suspicious.

Nway, Razak n Izzani will come in a comic form, that's why it's a bit late, sorry y'all!


Hana Ichigo said...


Kersani said...

calm down bro. the time will come. i know u'll do good with petronas.
it's always been that way with UTP and it will always be like that once ur in petronas.

razak izzani in a comic form?? OMG! OMG! this is awesome bro! :D

AlexAlabasta said...

Arigato Hana-Chan!

Huhu~ Nak wat camne Kersani, dah naseb dak PET, hehe~

Hopefully it'll be worth it for you guys.