Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ye Jin and Chun Hee leaving Family Outing

If you all haven't heard, Lee Chun Hee and park Ye Jin are leaving Family Outing! Nooooooooooo~!!!!!

Because of their work schedule, tehy have to leave FO and won't be coming back after the last week of June's airing~

My darling Ye Jin!!! Why do you have to break my heart like this?!!!

Lee Chun Hee aka Chunheerella

So sad to know that Ye Jin is leaving because I think she is the most adorable family member of FO. Yeah, Hyori is great too, but my heart was always meant for Ye Jin~ Remember the time she caught chicken for the family and all sorts of village-survivor-skill thingy she managed to pull better than any of the members? I can't think of any better person to replace her.

And also will be following Ye Jin is the clumsy, klutzy Chun Hee whom we came to love because of his innocent nature. But according to his management, this is still unconfirmed.

To replace them both, they will bring two new members, Park Si Yeon and Park He Jin. Again, this is unconfirmed.

Park Si Yeon

Park Hae Jin. Remember him from the early episode?He's the one Jong Kook 'sumbat' water hose into his mouth in the paddy field.

I can't give you the sources cos I read through everywhere and forgot to recite even one, haha! Thanx to Mareena Chaelee for shocking me up with this news. You guys check it in the internet if you want to k?

So sad, so sad. I can't think of any other person to help me cater the loss of my dearest Ye Jin. maybe that noona whom pulled Hyori's shirt in the 40++ episode can. Ah! Kim Won Hee~! But she ain't sweet like Lady Ye jin!!!

I'll kill you, Hyori!!!

I think that's all for now. Wish them both a btter career in the future and continue being success~!!!

Till then,


Friends come and go, but friendship will always be there~


Anonymous said...

waaa so sad to hear that my clumsy Chunhee going to leave FO.. without him i cannot imagine hows FO going to BE?
without Yejin? whos gonna beat Hyori...
she is really suited with Hyori..
she is the only one who can be fren and at the same time can be enemy and beat Hyori..

any news just update more ya Yamok..
good nite

Anonymous said...


Abes la family lepas ni..xde sape yang berani tangkap ayam da..kebulur la derang..

AlexAlabasta said...

True2, Mareena. And without Chun Hee, there won't be somebody who will balance the evil Stepmother SooRo~

Haha, Piyo2, camne nak buat. Pasnih diorg makan ikan je la hari2~

Asfa Asfera said...

Ya, Nyamoq. Sangat sedih. Chunhee~ Yejin pun. Sian Hyori... Chunhee & Yejin dua2 femes mendadak kerana FO.

Wonhee is awesome too.. Dia mmg kelakar giler jugak. One of my fave Korean MCs after Jaesuk.

Tp calon pengganti tu, kenapa la rasa mcm x kena je. Semoga tu rumors je. Harap2 diorang cari orang lain..

Daesung harapnya xkan tinggalkan FO, considering BB will make comeback soon plus their bz activities in Japan

Achan Sinclair said...

ini gua mara..aarrrghhh suka ati je depa nak kuaq..ingat senang ke aku nak stick dgn isu2 begini...ish

nisha said...


musti FO dah jd laen nnti...

AlexAlabasta said...

Tol2 Wana. Commercial diorg pon slalu digandingkan bersama sbb kefemesan FO.

KAlo Daesung pon tinggalkn FO, mmg lain giler la variety show nih nnt! Tlg lah~

Terpaksa Chan. Lex, akak kesayangan hang still ada~

Hopefully the fun will still be there, kan Nisha?

Kersani said...

never follow Family Outing but skrg ni seems nyamq berjaya menggunakan penggunaan bahasa yg sgt eksotik dalam m'ggmbrkan ke'best'an FO, rasa cam nk follow la pulak! muahaha!

anyway,park si yeon tu bukan ke yg pegang watak kim sae hyun dalam series My Girl? yg jadi tennis player tu? :D

AlexAlabasta said...

IDK, maybe kot. X pnah tgk lak, haha~

xwizit said...
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