Saturday, June 13, 2009

Last day in UTP

Saje nak recap time kitorang ciao dari UTP. Lamer giler postponed sebab memory card fon bermasalah.

Here goes!

Blok kiri, bawah sekali, bilik bucu kanan. That was my room

The first one to leave UTP officially was Kay, with a short sms telling he's leaving with Sham. Time tu muler la terase sedikit sedey sebab pasnih susah giler nak jumpe kawan. But somehow message itu cukup berguna because it didn't give me kejutan yang bilamana the time really came for most of the gang to leave, I'd feel sad so DAMN MUCH.

The time arrived later that night.

After a wonderful last outing with Smak, Khai, , malam tu most Southern friends left UTP at 2 am. Helped them to pack their things up, loaded into the cars and watched them leave. Another good thing is they didn't leave alltogether, one car at a time cos they were gonna watch EPL. So I felt less jolted, at least for the time being.

The cars leaving that night, carrying most of the Budak Rumah Atas~

The next day after waking up, I started cleaning the room. Malam, selepas bersalaman ngan Faris ngan Arip, NymQ pon angkat kaki. With Achan, Iffat, Jalal, Soba and Imam, gie karok buat kali terakhir! Haha~ Then, kol 11pm, Achan and Iffat sent me to KTM Batu Gajah. I climbed the stairs to go to the opposite side of the station while they walked back to the car. The short honk means It'd be a long time before I could meet any of them again. Any of my beloved bros...

Waiting for the train


This time, leaving my school was not that solemn. Maybe I grew up, or maybe I just didn't want to feel it. Everything was done short and simple, trying my best not to elaborate my final moment in UTP as sad as possible.

Because I don't want it to be that way. This time I said to myself, we are not departing from each other. We will meet again someday. After all, the world is becoming smaller and smaller each and every day. Who knows, in five to ten years time, going to JB or sabah Sarawak will be just 30 minutes from Penang?

Hey, after all, I'm the person who rode from Penang to Port Dickson, at night, right after work, in the middle of the highway lane! No obstacles can stop me from seeing them again~!

Bilerla dapat pedajal kawan-kawan lagi, macam ni (Biar Karim bersiar2 dengan kertas kon McSundae sekitar Jaya Jusco) Haha!




fakhruddin said...

salam bro. nak email. nak add utk blog. now dah buat jadi private blog sebab ada nde berlaku kat uniten la. hu3. thanks!

AlexAlabasta said...


Hope to gotta read ur blog back!

Billy Aman said...

izzuan..sien..sob3..sedey le lps ni klo ak g blik tu..da xd le ko..waaaaaaaaaa..huhu

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

i feel like going to ur shoulder and cry as much as i can..i cant stand how sad i am knowing dat i have to leave UTP without togather wif u really makes me feel sad n terrible..n i didnt take any chance to pay u a visit before u leave UTP,probably my biggest upset.U guys are like my 2nd "bros" after STAR..i wish i cud turn back time n stay at UTP until i graduated from there.Owh u my fren..if only the situation is different..i'd love to be in UTP again wif u guys..y it has to go n change ethg that i ever had in UTP?i didnt regret the decision that i made..but y thgs had to go tha way?=(

AlexAlabasta said...

Huhu, lalu je la, and remember dulu ade dak gemok kat cermin tingkap tu, haha~

No worries, Azrie, life is like a fork. Probably it the road not taken that leads you to be a better person today. We whom once here still remember hu u r, bro~ Jgn lose contact!