Saturday, June 20, 2009

I am, like, whatever...

I am happy that claim funds dah masuk.

I'm finally calmed down and satisfied with Exam Unit now I got the proof of graduation letter on time (Albeit not by the method planned)

I'm nervous waiting for PETRONAS call and the final final results.

I'm sad that probably 85% I won't be getting the GEMS program. What did I do wrong? (Most of the people I know already got the call from them. It's starting in a week, so no chance of hoping anymore)

I'm jealous kat friends who went to WOC2009 kat Putrajaya. I wanna go too!!!

I'm depressed that I gained FAIV (Five/LIMA/WU) kilos in less than one month!!! The results of being at home comfortably, aiiii~

I'm (excited) anxious to watch Revenge Of The Fallen this Wednesday! Kong better be telling the truth about the tickets!

I'm sorry for my dad, it's Father's Day and he's having a serious painful toothache. Sian daddy~!

Ape-ape pon, happy father's day!!!

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