Saturday, December 4, 2010

I smiled today

1) Weekends' morning rain.
2) Celine Dion's A New Day concert in Las Vegas DVD.
3) A diva bag pack that screams 'Look at me!"
4) A neighbor's excited puppy with gold ringlets, awwww~~~!!!
5) The nice restaurant lady who gave a great discount for her superb food. Yum~!
6) A novel with frog on its cover.
7) The smell of a man- D&G no1, La Batteleur.
8) Hanging out with a long lost friend!
9) The house mate's weekend 'cooking class'.
10) And his awesome culinary creation~!

Dear reader, kindly smile and spread to others. What made you smile today?



Nisha said...

omg.. concert celine dion yg choreographer dia Mia Michael tu ke?

yg concert tahun 2007 if not mistaken tu eh? Aaaaa..

AlexAlabasta said...

X pasti lak, ni yang konsert empat tahun dia dekat Las Vegas tu. So magical~!