Monday, August 23, 2010


I dreamt of drawing a manga. I finished the first book with three chapters, full of dramas and rainbow characters whom inspired by people surrounding me.

I dreamt of writing a book. A slasher thriller of a girl haunted by memories she could not recall. I stopped at chapter five, when her boyfriend started acting distant towards her.

I dreamt of owning my own clothing lines, edgy dresses with lotsa beads and rocks and frills for socialites or just valley girls. I stopped at a smirk from somebody whom bless can only come from him.

I dreamt of being a professional euphonist, singing anthems and medleys and original pieces that could touch millions of souls. But a six thousand instrument would cost me more than just my own self.

I dreamt of dancing modern music steps, full of emotion. Maybe with a partner or two, I could plan a few chereographs just for fun.

I dreamt of acting on stage or in front of the camera, like I used to be somebody's sweetheart when we won the first place with Si Tenggang's Homecoming.

I even dreamt of materializing all the songs I composed in my head, twenty three of them. I still sing them every single day when I go to work and get home, on the bike, screaming my lungs out as if the road was all mine.

I dreamt a lot. I pursued a little.

I think I should change, be the yesterday's me.



Sarsir said...

nyamok...ko byk lukis katun kan? bape bgus ko tukar gamba real jadik katun skit...potret tp konsep komik

AlexAlabasta said...

Oh, karikatur aku tak pandai bai, haha~!

~Luxciéle Zinn~ said...

Xsalah gave us reason to live on..juz teruskan usaha!neway, tumpang promote blog baru aku eh
ade novel baru dalam 2=)

AlexAlabasta said...

Thanx Jan~