Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sunday's a day about missing~

1) It's July. The month yang changed me totally. The month where I created my deepest bond with people I'm missing every single day. GEMS Trolak FRT02! Oh, how wonderful the time we spent together, every tear and laugh we had...

2) Today is SBP Winds Orchestra Competition at PICC Putrajaya. I miss my euphonium so much! It's been six years already huh? I wonder what my other comrades are doing right now? Are they still playing their musical instruments or just let the passion that we once rooted down inside our heart rot just like that, like me?

3) It's also been a month I tak balik Puchong! Yes, my mom's an extreme drama queen now~ Kene gak balik next week (My family's in Penang right now sebab my dad went to Singapore for a week)

4) I'm missing my foster family too, especially the ones in Kedaah and Pahang. Damn it! Why did I lose my phone?!

5) Sometimes I wonder what would it be if I followed what I wantED to be. You know, a comic artist or a fashion designer. Would I be happier or satisfied? Would the risk be worth it?

6) But I guesss I can let go of those dreams now. If I took the road not taken, I might have missed all the important people in my life that has colored and shaped me today. I should be grateful~ And I am.

7) Counting down the days for my hubby and Kaklong to come home to Malaysia. Man, I miss them so much!

8) Yes, today I'm missing so many thing. Maybe because I'm missing someone greatly. Someone so close but so far away~

8) But I still can meet that person, not like some of my dearest friends yang baru kehilangan orang-orang tersayang dalam hidup mereka. I can't imagine how they are feeling right now~ beyond sorry for not being able to be their shoulders when in need. Al-Fatihah to the Arwahs~

9) I am sure with 100% confident that the Arwahs are proud of my friends, because they've become good people. People who live with purposes. People who light other people up.

10) ...

11) I don't want to miss today. Get up, me!

Till then,



Bajet said...

Nymq wind orchestra sapa menang?

AlexAlabasta said...

SAS 1st, sains slangor 2nd, tkc 3rd. It was great!