Monday, May 17, 2010

Playing with toys

Loc: Putrajaya
Event: Hari Belia + Jom Heboh

My first outing kuar dengan Kay and Apis snapping pics~ Hari-hari yang letey kalo time weekend buat camnie release tension.

Just walked around, looking at people and the buildings and the surroundings. So many faces, so many stories they were telling.

Snapped a few candid pics of TV3's celebs, the ones I felt profoundly fond of~ Oh, just act naturally when you're kantoi-ed snapping their pics like... Run away! Haha!

And Apis also gave us some tips and tricks and whatnot. He's so full of himself when he's with his thing! My Guru, haha~!!!

Tonnes of pics, tonnes of fun. Wish to have more of this later on~

Till then,


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