Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tan Sri Hassan Marican

Yup, semua orang tau die dah meninggalkan PETRONAS.

Mendoakan kejayaan dan kebahagiaan kepada seorang lelaki yang senantiasa menggalas tanggungjawab berat negara.

For every night you fell asleep in front of the TV in your office attire.

For every sleep you'd to catch up on the ride between one destination to another.

For every precious family moment you'd missed because of your responsibility.

For every torture your mind had to go through just to stay strong and alert.

For every smile you can only put half way thinking tomorrow there would be something you'd to face.

For all your effort, your knowledge, skill, ability and faith in keeping up PETRONAS as a global company.

And for your trust in us, just like a father trusting his children.

THANK YOU. We miss you already in a million ways words could not express~!

Might put what I drew for him later. Wait~

Till then,


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