Friday, January 8, 2010

The power of thinking

Many times, human fail to succeed. Those who made it, written in history

Kalau hidup tiada cabaran, bagaimana nak bezakan antara manusia yang lemah dan tabah? Kalau hidup tiada dugaan, apa nilai yang ada pada nyawa yang diberikan? Betul?

kadang-kadang kite terpikir life is so unfair to us. Buat ni salah, buat tu salah. But do we actually realize ape yang membuatkan bende-bende ni menjadi salah adalah diri kite sendiri? And the hardest part would always be yang nak kate 'It's all my fault'. Admit it, setiap kita ada ego dan ego kita paling-paling nak tunjuk ego adalah pada diri sendiri. Entah ape yang buat kite malu dengan diri sendiri sampai susah nak mengaku salah.

But if we can do that, we will realize how things can go smoothly beautiful not just for us, but people around us!

So how are we going to do it? Yup, make amends, that's very true. But then we have to move on.

Let's move on. Move on to a different level. A state not repeating our previous mistakes. Let us be a new person, achievers, happy people, believers, whatever-positive-things-we-wanna-be-ers!

It's all about being positive, people! Pernah dengar ape itu electricity? Well, positivity and negativity act the same way (Kalau tak, takdela cas-cas dipanggil postif negatif).

Our body works like that. In fact, we are not plain soul. We are an institution, chemistry, biology, physics, we are everything! And we work like a system. That is why there are people yang tak systematic ade yang (Macam aku) sihat membulat, hehe~ Ade pulak yang hidup sentiasa stress. Ade plak yang asyek saket2.

But it all will come back to ourselves. More specifically, our mind.

Key - Positive thinking.

If ya think negatively, our body will produce all the elements, molecules, etc that will attract negative things. But when you learn to say positive things, trust me, life will be much easier and calmer than your previous self thought.

So stop generating bad words.

If you don't wanna be late, say "I wanna be early". If you don't wanna be broke anymore, say "I will be rich". practice and practice to reject bad words by turning it to a good phrase. And practice to sustain using it!

Another key - Do not be beaten down by a slight negativity.

Yes, life is not always a rainbow. But do not take it too seriously to your heart. Life goes on and (mengikut saranan Imam) go on with it with improvements! Do not nag or whine, they will only pulling back all the negativity you're pushing away~

Soon you will realize how everything is not as harsh as it looks, and you will start to appreciate life more. And the most amazing part is you will see the positive things coming in~!!!

C'mon, people! We can do this!!!

I'm suggesting you to find this book - The Law of Attraction by Michael Losier. Credit to Pudin Seban.



siti murni ishak said...

law of attraction...hurm..sounds interesting...;p

AlexAlabasta said...

yup. It helps not just with worklife, tp also fmly,love,nature,etc! Wondrful book to say the least~

drum kit said...

exactly correct! :D

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