Sunday, November 29, 2009

Oh my...

An office attire on the top of a truck. Lantaklah~

Currently in a state where I just wanna be to myself.

IDK there reason of me posting it, but it just crossed my mind and...

Went home for Adidiladha. Thanx to Fireflyz (But t wasn't their fault, it's the weather) I only got to spend 2 hours of Aidiladha with my family (10pm) and les than 24 hours later I'm already back in KL.But I met lotsa my relatives whom I missed most. Alhamdulillah~

Di rumah nenek, ade sekor anak Toi berkaki depan pendek. Not as short as the Munchkins, but still, short. Sangat comel oh-kayh? Tak sempat nak tangkap gambar die sebab die sangat hyper-active (And I was so lost in her cuteness)! She's the cutest sebab die akan jadik lembik biler dipegang. I think she thinks human touch equals bone softener. And she lovees to kacau my auntie while she's praying.


My Manager - Relax, laid back person yang mengamalkan uncentralized management. Bekerja bawah die memberikan kite kebolehan untuk explore what we can do more. But he is really supportive dan selalu membantu kalau I'm stuck.

My Senior Manager - Seorang yang berkarakteristik hitam. Tapi yang peliknye die ni kelakar. And he loves his i-phone so much~ I just got a task to watch over a system for the hari raya, which I didn't know what the hell is the system at all. And it was a last day assignment. Tapi saya tenang je, sebab I know takkan die nak bagi saje2, kan? Mesti he already knows my ability before giving me a task, kang hanco system tuh!

My General manager - A man with a vision. Ideas pop from his head like popcorns. He also knows what I'm doing (KM) so the works I'm doing right now is actually a direct words from him. He is a serious man, nak tengok die senyum sangat susah. But he is definitely an eye-catcher for the ladies.

All in all, IDK yet what the future may come, but I'm hoping for the best. I'm loving the place and I'm fully committed to serve the religion, race and nation.

I don't care about my weight anymore (See the pic above for the humongous size of Izzuan.) Enjoying eating so much! Oh well, this issue has been dragging me for ages, but what the heck, ryte? Nantilah...



I told you I don't know why I'm posting this.



Bajet said...

Biasa la Nymq. Org dah bekerja memang senang berisi. haha.

AlexAlabasta said...

cesss... manambahkan chuak je~ Haha~!

daju said...

hoho naik tank tu..
so what are u doing at pdb? mcm izza dia jage ngv kan..
it's good that you have great and wonderful superiors..

anyways Toi tu ape?haha
gain weight sbb happy kot..ahah..

AlexAlabasta said...

Me is in BTD (Biz Tech dept),jage sistem2 dalam Dagangan, huhU~

Toi tu seekor kucing. Kliklah tag 'pet' kalo nak kenal, hehe~

Nway, selamat bekerja ~!