Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ini rumah saye pt 1

Currently I'm residing at Venice Hill, Batu 9, Cheras. Great place, I would say, taking accounts all the pros and cons weighting on the location, the facilities, financial aspects and safety issue. I can simply say I'm loving it.

This is the morning picture of the condo. No its not haze or fog, just the morning clouds, how cool is that?!

This is the pic of the living room. It is as spacious as GEMS' two classrooms or PIPE's one Group3 classroom. No furniture yet though, only TV and Astro and WiMax... And the tempat penyidai pakaian. (You're dreaming if you feel like hanging your clothes outside. The chance of saying sayonara to them before they even got dry would be 80% if you ain't using any penyepit baju. Renyahlah!)

This is my room. I'm already buying a bed, hopefully it will be in my room sweet room this week. Ala, I'm a dude so no biggies if I ain't using bed for awhile.

And the kitchen~

Overall, it's a nice place to live, if you're bujang that is. I favor the land to grow a family, don't you think so? But marriage is not in my calendar for another at least five more years so I'm quite satisfied right now where I'm living. Renovation? Erm, maybe after five or six months of staying. We don't want to rush things too quickly.

Oh ya~! The thing I like the most about Venice Hill is the facilities. Swimming pool, sauna, gym. Okay, gym is a bit overrated, but I love the pool!

That's all for now about my deary house. The next home-tagged-post would be about my housemates, Smak and Imam and our activities to-ge-da!

Till then,



Baby Wify said...

luas nye umah dier....

fakhruddin said...

Venice hill?? nanti datang ah taman segar. dari leisuremall naik je terus sampai atas bukit. huhu

eh bro, dah kerja ek?

Hannah said...

nice2.. :)

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

apartment best2..

AzA Chen said...

wahh sama la kita, I dok Puncak Damansara Condo.. yg pling besh dpat mandi kat swimmng pool ujung minggu~~

AlexAlabasta said...

selesa le... nnt letak brg2 penuh juge, hehe

Inshallah bro~!

yupzy, Hannah and John~

Haha, btol tu Aza~!