Monday, October 26, 2009

Cohesively loyal integrated professionals

Dang~! Freakishly lookalike like hell~!


2 weeks ago (01.10.2009-17.10.2009)

Such wonderful experience being able to participate in the induction program.

I was in the group Cohesiveness, miss them already. Or should I say just three, as the other are still bersepah-sepah kat lobby tower, haha~!

At the back of the class, sebok bergambar ramai-ramai. Itu jelah kejenye kalo dah nampak kamera~!

So what did we do? We had classes (self improvement class), team-building session, camping (Ah! Ni sgt nak tangkap gambar but we had to give our handphones to the facilitators), workgroup, etc.

Tgh buhsan buat workgroup, amek2 angin dulu. This is normal atmosphere at nite, ppl working ass-hard~

CSR at orphanage house

Site visit to PS Pipeline

But at nite mostly we went out. My C were the young-we-gotta-hang-out-outside-blood peeps, so tiap-tiap malam kua. I think this is one of the best memories in PIPE cos we shared a lot with each other and we've created tight bond between ourselves.

Sate kajang ngan UTPians

My Cohesiveness bros and sistas. Kurang GG, Waty, Yatie and Anip~

Program bergambar di Putrajaya. Sian Kak Isma demam~

Seriously, I learnt a lot throughout the seventeen days. Mostly about PETRONAS but there are lots more that made me miss it every single moment.

Sorry Waty, I couldn't keep my promise, hehe~ I just wanna show our group's theme song, in out-of-tune! Haha~!

Okies, 12 am oredi. Gotta sleep peeps~!

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BadRina said...

OMG charlz! wat an icon to be compared with! sebijik pulak tuu! :P i loike!

p/s: nymq, tumpang laluu

Charles Tan said...

Hahaha!!! XD nice one Nyam.. i mean.. *cough* Easy~ XP hihihi

AlexAlabasta said...

Muahaha~! (Gelak evil)

WaTy said...

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