Thursday, August 13, 2009


Supposedly, I should be happy, jumping in joy bouncing all over the floor.

But I am extremely, extremely sad right now.

This coming September the 1st, I will be starting my first day as an executive in Business Technology Department, Corporate Services Division, PETRONAS Dagangan Berhad at Level 30 in Tower 1, KLCC.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not ungrateful. The truth is this is like a dream come true for me, I've been waiting to work with them for years!

But I am sad that I have to leave a place I called home.

No, not home home. I'm talking about GEMS.

Serious dowh, I love GEMS FRT02! Words could not describe how much I'm gonna miss that place. Sedar tak sedar dah sebulan aku hidup di Felda Trolak, banyak pahit manis yang aku dah lalui kat sini, tapi manisnya lebih jauh banyak daripada yang pahit. Harapan aku tiap-tiap hari selama ni biarlah aku sempat menghabiskan kursus ni terlebih dahulu sebab banyak lagi ilmu yang nak aku pelajari dan aku masih teringin nak kenal dengan lebih rapat ngan adek-badek GEMS aku nih.

I only got two more weeks before I have to close this chapter, but I am already sad that it will definitely come to me sooner than the others.

Oh, what should I do?

Till then,


Shahimie had left GEMS semalam, he got a job as a junior engineer. I wonder how did he feel. Anyway, all da best, bro!


Charlz said...

wah, nymq da dpt keje jgk!!! XD hahahhaha congratulations n welcome!! XD i guess i'll still see u around.. hehehe

nisa' said...

congrate nymq... keje dah ko~

Anonymous said...

wah,tahniah nymq!;)

gabbana said...

OMGEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! U got it..................???? And u didn't even tell me...........???? Bloody hell...!!!! How cud u............???

Oh well.. CONGRATZ...!!! Im so proud of u...!!! =D

Asfa Asfera said...

wah.. tahniah Nyamoq. Tahniah.... tumpang bangga sekali. XD

nisha said...


p/s : dekat kontrak ko mesti ade clause baru policy tuh kan?

-not allowed to marry petronas staff n pemegang scholar -

AlexAlabasta said...

Looking forward to it, dear Charlz~

Thanx Nisa'. Actually takot nih, and sad. But still happy~

Thanx Biha!

Thanx, hubby! Haha~!

Thanx Wana. Kongratz dah konvo, haha!

Aah! Huhu, xpela... xde pon org PET yang sudi ngan NymQ, haha~