Wednesday, August 26, 2009

GEMS - English Freakin' Week~!

Post GEMS sambung lagi!

Antara one of my best memories in GEMS is the English Weeks. Sangat best! I think these were the weeks that I learnt to let myself be out. Ms Jana was afanatabulous tutor, she didn't just teach us on English but also a lot more and most importantly on how to build confidence.

First day jer, Ms Jana dah ade idea nak menghappeningkan kelas. Ice-Breaking Session - Main "Mother Hen", haha~!

I was in Group 6, supposedly to be the best English Group la, tapi tengok kelas-kelas lain pon samer je pandai. But the best thing about being in this class is the kids. Seronok dapat kenal kanak-kanak terencat akal (Oops, aku tak terencat akal, yang lain je, tambah-tambah yang name muler dengan huruf Z).

Me and my darling Supercatz. Luv y'all like hell!

Aksi Muni lepas Nisha buat lawak gagalnya

At the end of it, we had a talent day where we were supposed to demonstrate the knowledge we gained throughout the entire weeks. It was a fun experience, I sang in front of the stage you know?! I'm like, okay, belasah jer~! Haha~ Ape-ape pon, aku masuk final okay untuk public speaking!!!

3P = Poet Pose Perasssan~

Tengah nunggu nak belakon ni haaa, Cik Jah~

Kittens di pintu gerbang dengan seekor makhlok aneh menyempit...

The end of English week

In all the competitions, we got second place. Semua, all four which are public speaking (Yours truly bertanding nooo?), poem, choral speaking ngan drama (Yours truly lagi jadik penglipur lara, muahaha~!)

Thanx to all my fellow sixers, you are the best and I will always remember all the memories we had together. To Ms jana, you're the greatest!

tengokla perangai Ms Jana, sngat nakal. Kesian Denn, haha~!!!

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AzA CheN said...

wehh aku copy the last pic here.. Im suhaza btw

AlexAlabasta said...

Silekan, silekan! Im honored, Aza~