Friday, May 8, 2009


I did you wrong.
Even if I send my whole life regretting it,
I won't justify my deed.
Because I don't deserve your love,
I don't deserve your forgiveness;
What I did to you is wrong,
And it can't just be 'I'm sorry.'

You put your trust in me,
And I promised you hope.
I was your life,
You were my soul.
And if I could turn back time
I would never ever let you down again.
But time waits for no one
And now I live in this pain.

And if you could hear me,
If I may ask you,
I would ask you...

How does it feel to be there?
Are you alone?
Are they treating you right?
Do you see me from up there?
Or do you still ever think of me?
Are you happy?

Please be happy...
I am sorry...

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