Saturday, May 16, 2009

The rain and me

The rain, it came at last. How it felt so good when I saw them falling, those drops; marble-like and pure, so innocent and calming. It gave me yet again another calm feeling I've always longed every time I see the sun set up high, being mighty and cruel. So I took no chance to wait for the rain to end, I went back to my room and rest in front of my PC. I made a cup of Nescafe and watched my favorite moment beyond my windows, head looking out, hands holding the cup and legs resting on top of the desk.

And as I looked outside, I realized the sky had become sunnier after awhile. Although the rain was still here, they would go away far sooner then I hoped they would. Then I realized it somehow portrayed what I've gone through in the past five years in this holy land where once my feet walked to classes seeking for knowledge.

Just like the rain would go away in minutes time, I am leaving this University in just another few days.

It's been good experiencing a life in this place. Never had I thought I would feel this gloom inside my heart when the day should come, but it did, sooner than I thought it would. It's a bittersweet memory, perhaps, that I am mourning right now for I had known there will be no second chance to sit with all my friends again, without fears of the future.

For those who made me laugh and smile, I thank you.
For those who taught me a lesson, for school or for life, I thank you.
For those who made my day, even just by saying 'hi', I thank you.
For those who worked with me, had fun with me, or even walked with me, I thank you.
And for those who made my life here means so much to me, I thank you~

You know I'm gonna miss you guys, don' you? I won't say it out loud, just a whisper.



Yes, I already am... missing you guys~

Till then, Ciao~!


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filz said...

uhu..sedeynyer.. tggl la kte sorg2 kt cni T_T

good luck in your future undertakings :)

p/s nape ada epal sebiji kt banner?