Monday, October 27, 2008

Kelas yang dah nak abes~

Korang yang dak2 engine atau juniors kepada Jan'05 mungkin tak pernah mengalami situasi ini kan?

But this is the truth. Life is hard for lecturers CIS back then when the calss was only 30++ max...

Kol 8.15am, untuk kelas sejam...4 orang jer...

Kelas Ms Shakirah pada pagi hari... Knowledge Management and Technology.

Ini adalah gambar biasa keadaan kelas KMT di pagi hari Selasa...

Purata pagi Selasa - 9 orang... Spell it, f. A. B. U~!!!

Hmmm... Nape I like to go to her class so much? Maybe sebab kelas die sket kot. As stupid as it may sound, I like small class, or big class with small attendance rate, haha. It makes me feel the class belongs to me, I can study easily because I won't be lazy drawing inside my notebook (notebook la sangat kalo 90% habes ngan gambar2 design baju and women and men and animals and stuff and poems and, umm... almost everything is non-academic thingies~!) and I can pay attention because I somehow sense the radar on my lecturer's head can detect if I am 'in' the class or not.

Plus, I think this year Ms Shakirah is no more the old one, she's not that stressed new lecturer and once in a while know how to make her students laugh~

Die ade Gtalk dowh, Toyon siap gossip ngan die tiap2 arie! Haha, dan mungkin atas seba b itu jugelah aku terkenal sampai ke lecturer dengan title YB (ehem, bukan Yang Berhormat, tapi Yang Besar~!)

OMG, I am actually 'puji'ing a lecturer in my blog! Is it a sign that I've grown up, becoming matured (fek urself, mister)? Or is it that I am actually thinking that next time there won't be any class with her anymore because we are graduating in a bout less than 10 months from now?

Ms Khalidah yg best~ Bile dah masuk dak2 engine ramai la gak, 100++

Actually I'm gonna miss a lot, really. ALready am missing Ms Noreen Izza ("I dont main if yu want to boro de disk. But if yu lost it, pay 1000 ringgit" dalam muke keringnyer) and Dr Rohani (She said our McD is the worst fast food in the world, they are so not like what've been advertised...And we thought they look the best in real life comparing to Ramly stalls and sorts~!) and Ms Khalidah Khalid Ali (she's my idol~Enuf said) and Mr Azrai (You can see the lack of nicotine in this man's eyes when it comes to fasting month, but his brain will always function like a super-duper pc even Izhar tak mampu bina) an da few more...

My latest lecturer in the list is Ms Rozana Kasbon aka Rosie Bon Bon. She's so cool, she has this stare of a mobster(Angkat kening tapi mater still kuyu2...gangster eh?!)~! i imagine she is a hard-core tomboy when she's young.

Nah ko punyer sayang~!!!

Yang pasti, lecturer sorang pon tak miss aku, hahaha~! Terngiang-ngiang MS Khalidah Khalid Ali panggel aku "How are you doing today, Izzudin?"



Name aku... Izzuan.

Got a class to escape. Ciao~!
(Oh yeah, it's raining. Jihad to sleep!!!)

With that, toddles~



BukanMior said...

lol..sape laa yg slalu escape lecture pagi?

a. Nyamouq
b.YB MOqmoqJa
c.Izzuan Roslan
d.izzuan roslan

lol x 4juta hasta~

Anonymous said...


Takpe2..ada maksud gak tu. hehe

Charlz said...

Hahaha.. tulis la lagi nama lecturer.. nnti diorg google name diorg, sure lead to ur blog! :P
hmm.. but mebi in another 3-4 years la... bcz u need to build ur site rankings first. the more visitors, the higher ur google ranking n the more searchable u are.. mcm... *ahem* yours truly~ hahahah :P *ecece, sombong pulak* ngee~

Yang Besar? I always thot its Yang berhormat! hahaha