Friday, October 24, 2008

It touched me deep~

I love hanging out in Yahoo!Answer. Today I went inside Entertainment and Music> Polls and Surveys > Questions. Answered a question titled "What is the nicest thing you've ever done to a stranger?"

As I was looking at the other answers, one of it got my attention. The others were like "Helped a little girl find her parents", "gave changes to an old lady" but this one is different, it was touching. It was simple but it hit me hard.

"I was working part time at Pizza Hut, and a woman came in with 3 children. I could tell by the way the children acted that they were hungry.

I saw the Mom counting her change before I waited on her.

She ordered a small coke and a small pizza to split between them.

I told her that she was my 100th customer and the meal's free. The children got so excited. She had tears in her eyes as she thanked me over and over. I saw her years later and she thanked me again.

Nice memory."

1) The family was hungry
2) The mother wanted to give food for her children
3) She knew she didn't have enough money yet she knew her children hadn't eaten still
4) The cashier, understood, saved this woman from being embarrassed in front of other people and helped her to feed her children.
5) The children were excited. Sure, it was just a free meal, but for kids, who are still naive and life is still simple for them, small things like this really brighten up their day. Imagine us when we were small, even finding a toy in our snack is wonderful enough.

It reminds me of a memory once I've forgotten. I was young, around 3 years old. It was in Kuala Lumpur, me and my mom went to see my dad (he was a sailor back then, an engineer in trading ship). Me and my mom went to see dad by train from our village, Kota Aur in Penang. We spent the weekend together in KL because the ship was lodging (is this the right word?) for a few days in Pelabuhan Klang.

Dad brought us to KFC. It was my first time getting inside a fast food restaurant, I guess, because I felt really 'kekok' but I remember the place is very beautiful and sooo like in the TV! Everything looked so bright and brilliant, with many people who looked city-ish, smart, beautiful and handsome. Somehow I didn't feel belonged, but I was excited at the same time.

We sat at one of the tables, dad went to order and got back later.

Two drinks (or three, I can't remember) and one snack plate (or just chickens).

I ate happily. It tasted so good~! OMG, if I could describe how good my first KFC chicken bite, I would but it was beyond words!

But I also realized that they didn't eat, it was just me eating.

I wanted to ask my dad to eat my chicken too, but I was too shy. I hadn't meet him much but I really really like my dad! He's the coolest man on Earth. That's why I couldn't say it. You know, when you get speechless seeing real-life Power Rangers in front of you in the supermarket? It kinda like that~

I lost that memory for a while until a time me and my mom sat and reminisced our past together that I recalled it back. What more, I also realized what is really going on at that time.

They didn't eat, they just drank and looked at their son eating. My dad really want to make me happy even though at that time the budget was real tight.

And he did.

If I could repeat that time, I really wanna ask him to eat it with me. And also ask mom. Because it was a wonderful memory of mine and I wanna share with them too.


...Thank you.



Anonymous said...

i was touched by this post..
for reminiscing my childhood memory
KFC was my first fast food restaurant i went too


nisa' said...

nymq.. time tu umo ko 3 thn ke.. n ko mkn KFC sepinggan tu sorg2? erk... hehe