Monday, October 10, 2011

A smile moves a head, but a sincere smile moves the heart~

1) The awesomest retreat everrr!!! Club Med Cherating was beyond fantabulousome!!!
2) Today bawak orang Sibu ke KVDT. Pergi control room, control system rosak, pergi despatch room, Omega down. Serious kena mandi bunga nih~
3) Just found out how cool Mika's songs are, especially Rain and Relax, Take It Easy~ He's like The Bee Gees plus Maroon 5, European style.
4) Speaking of Mika, I seriously need to get a haircut, but only Kepala Batas knows how to cut my hair. Uff~
5) We wake up, we say grace and we give thanks. Give thanks to everything. The world appreciates that.
6) This room has become more than just a home sweet home, it's my sanctuary. Ntahlah kenapa. Peace is the word.
7) If the world was zombified, my weapon of choice would be long machete.
8) Rindu nak makan Nasi lemak beratur batu 9. Dah hampir dua bulan dah!
9) Oh ya Allah, esok user acceptance test. Moga kau permudahkan, lancarkan dan jayakan segala urusan dan pekerjaanku.
10) Hope you have lots of great days ahead!

Till then,


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