Monday, February 14, 2011

One of those night

Who says when high school ends, it's a new road you'll be travelling alone?

This is one of our weekly routine, having dinner after work. Sometimes there's Ejoy or Celi or even Anisa (she's not a STARian, btw) but the permanent staff would be me, Adam and Ma.

Last week. Atan coming to KL to send his resume to his sponsor.

Atan - Welcome back to Malaysia. Hope you'll succeed in your interview and get a job here in KL with us.

Ma - Sorry for leaving your order and making you wait the entire time while we enjoyed our food, huhu~ =P

Adam - Jangan menggatal. Or else...

Till then,



gabbana said...

mcm kachak dan cute la jejaka pada bingkai kedua tu. boleh berkenalan...? wahahaha.. XD

weh wajib pegi la kiki tu..! ;) thnxalot for the treat!

AlexAlabasta said...


Yezza, Kiki memang best~

redhuans said...

Eeeeeiii bencinya...wat gathering x ajak org...waaaaa nk jumpaaaa ampa sumaaaa...hukhuk