Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I smiled today 2

Our Santa Claus, he ain't coming through the chimney and greet you with a warm big hug~

1) The karaoke session we had after work + The very belated birthday celebration for the Muka Rempit Hati Taman guy, haha!
2) All the house mates are back at home. Somehow I kinda understand how parents feel when their children come home during holidays~
3) The beautiful hand-made wedding invitation card by Yaya. Owh-so-awesome!
4) A new bottle of Midnight Fantasy! I used the first one to the very last drop, hehe~
5) Christmas cards! Love to draw'em some cute Santas~ =)
6) Secret Santa gave me an Airwick and while I was looking for a puzzle, everybody wants my Airwick! Somehow this Airwick is a magical Airwick so I don't want to change it with anyone. Bluek!
7) Met a stranger, hanged out with his friends, visited his hometown and helped him buy his daughter's birthday present. Johor is so sweet~
8) Spent an evening with a boss and discovered he is such an adventure addict!
9) The one month old kittens. Lots of 'Nyaaa~~~' screamings in the house now.
     Feels like naming them all Fluffles~ *(^_______^)*
10) The fear I fought - Became an emcee! Now I am so ready for the next event!
11) The long awaited holiday. My holiday starts now until New Year. nothing, I repeat, NOTHING, can beat this awesomeness!

Dear reader, you are so cute when you smile~ So, kindly do so~



gabbana said...

babe, ko g gym tak today..? ur phone dah ok ke blom? i tries to contact u tak dapat..

btw, i hate u so much for being on leave till new year... eeerrrggghhhhhh....!!!!!!!

AlexAlabasta said...

Babe, tak kot. Tot of going to KLCC, now stuck working at home.

Bahana jugak ye bukak workforce portal kat umah?