Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cats are born evil with an agenda to conquer the world, just like Chuck Norris

1) Most of the time we whine over things not according to expectations. But if we look back, we might realize there's more blessings left forgotten blinded by that one slack-off. So, learn to appreciate your every single day. True happiness is there~

2) Kongratz to all my UTP friends yang dah masuk PETRONAS. Tak sabar nak jumpe korang~!!!

3) Probably I won't get the confirmation letter approved, haha. But looking on the bright side, I will get three more months to prove my competency. No, this bullet is not for any Q&A, sorry. Closed.

4) Mahen said think about The Law Of Attraction. I did, but I guess I'm just gonna be ready to whatever coming.

5) Met some new cool and funny friends kat PERMATA today during the Mentoring for Mentees program. Also met Kapten hamid yang cool tu~! Haha~! Funny and warm as ever~

6)Miss my kitties, especially Michael. dah besar and hot sekarang~!!!

Dulu muker bodo jer, geram rase nak goreng jer!

Sekarang pon geram nak goreng, tapi sebab die dah nakal sangat skang!

7) I'm randomly bitch-slapping my GTalk friends. It's nothing personal, it's just hormones~

8) Bercakap pasal membesar, aku pon dah makin membesar~ Dah macam mak budak, tapi bukan kategori MILF la~

Tapi still hot la, kan? Konpiden kene tinggi beb~

9) Saper nak join Fitness center ngan aku? Seyes nak join nih! cepat ah, sebelum duit abes ni~ cepat2 kiter register kat Concourse yok!!!

10) Dan oleh sebab itu, malam minggu saya sudah tidak bekerja (-_________-) Look on the bright side, it's time for me to be a better person?

11) Te-twilight aku dah lengkap, yeay~! Jom start bacer Breaking Dawn~!!!

12) And I am listening to Kesha's Animal album now. Animal, Blind, Dancing With Tears In My Eyes, Hungover, Stephen, Your Love Is My Drug, Kiss N Tell, TiK ToK and my personal favorite - take It Off

13) Do you know smile can increase your mood three times better than a piece of ciggie? Wake up in the morning, pas bace doa selawat semua, apekate senyum sepuluh minit. You'll start to see ray of sunshine in you room~

14) No, it doesn't mean you're late for work!

15) Ape pendapat korang kalau somebody cakap she/he is in to you and would like to go out sometimes? What is your reaction (Please provide good manual, specific details)

16) Dude!!! My contacts are starting to piss me off~!!! need to go for now!!!

Till then,



Anonymous said...

comeyl sungguh kucing itu. bila mahu bagi sekor? :P

ctkay said...

breaking dawn best sangat!sila habiskan dengan tekun

AlexAlabasta said...

Tu la, Q die pon dok brgreak2. Sampai masa nama saudari akan diumumkan, hehe~

jangan cerita!!! Jgn spoiler!!! (Tutup telinga)