Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The another one

After two days, who would expect kan?

And for that I was truly shocked, surprised and beyond happy and touched~

Haliza, Anisa, Zakwan, Juzaili, Rok and Khalis. Had a fab time at DuViet and enjoying Bijoux cupcakes.

Thanx guys~!

"It's perfectly normal for girls. Boys would never do this. Why ah?" asked Anisa. And it keeps me wondering boys and girls truly speak different language.

I wonder, why can a guy be girlingual vice versa? Isn't it essential to understand the opposite side? Not a pro but at least the simple ones communicated daily to lovers and friends.

And all of this time we keep wondering why we're never on the same page~ =)

Seriously, ya gotta try Bijoux at level three! It's dellissshhh!!!

Okies, sorry for so many bday posts, maklumlah jakun~ Hehe~

Till then,



Nisa said...

haha.. aku pnah dpt surprise party dr membe sekali je.. mmg hepi... tp yg sedihnye time tu la time aku n encik J berpisah n beliau ade wanita lain.. eceh... so sbnrnye belum ade lg surprise yg plg best.. wahaha mcm bg hint tp xpon sbnrnye =P

AlexAlabasta said...

Haha~! I dh bace... rase2nye si die pon dh bace nih~ (hint2)