Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Memories with my euphonium

I just visited Nisha's blog and read about her new post regarding Jon Schmidt's cover of both Taylor Swift's Love Song and Coldplay's Viva la Vida. The performance was spectacular it almost brought tears to my eyes, which is silly because tears and me are so not meant to be together.

But it did. And it reminded me of my childhood memories, playing a musical instrument called euphonium with my beloved friends whom now spreaded all around the globe, furthering their studies and reaching their dreams.

Me with my soul. Kat blakang tu En Raja, yeay~!

Owh, it was such a lovely memory! Remembering those times when we were out of the classes at noon and night just to be in the training room to practice and play what we loved was bittersweet as I know no matter how much I want to go back to those times again, I have to move on with my life, being a grown up living in a full scale reality.

We were like a family, all of us. I think it was around 50++ students from form two to form five. All the pains and gains were done together through democracy, loyalty and teamwork. But the main ingredient of our success would always be love that we nourished in each other. (An dof course with the support of Mr Rahim, Mr Zaheri, Psycho, Pak Abu, etc, etc)

At first, Starwinds was my hell. When I was a junior I was never really fit with all of the others as the seniors were always prioritized to play at any big days no matter how hard or good the junior did. The only thing that kept me from leaving the orchestra is the instrument and of course, some of my fellow comrades (Big thanx to my 'second-level' senior too, Adam Shariff for always being there to support me when I was down). That is why when I was the senior, I didn't let my junior wents through the pain I'd gone through. I wanted them to feel that they are a part of euphonium section and they are important.

Fun times that always remedied the sourness

I could only taste Nirvana when I was form four, but it was sure worth the wait. You see, it wasn't just playing for fun, it was passion! You know when you're doing something you love so much, you forget everything? And especially when you know you've managed to do it just the way you wanted? Like a football player scoring goal, a painter having inspiration or a singer reaching her highest notes with perfect pitch.

My favorite pieces to play would always be the simpler ones, like YMCA, Oh Carol, Stand By Me, Bunga Tanjung and a few others. They are the kind of songs that is not hard to play and fun to hear and you know almost everybody can get connected to it. But sometimes I did prefer the higher grade pieces, like Antarez (Owh, it is just grade 3! but it is the only piece I remember, haha) because it challenged me to push myself to the fullest.

Best memory? Everytime after 'Kawad Hari Kebangsaan' march when battle of the bands begun! We would just sit around for awhile, watching other schools showing off their songs to the public.

Then we would stand up, tuned up a little and blast our shot! The moment when we saw the other schools' audiences were coming to us, that was where the victory was declared. Heck, most of the times we would bring the other schools to stop playing their songs and watch us too!

Baju melayu je yop muler-muler dulu, but never judge a book by its cover!

But the most memorable moment would be during the last Wind Orchestra Competition I participated. It was the first time we won a spot (one step above than achieving gold award), beating even the legendary SAS but I didn't feel like winning. I knew from that moment, that would be the end of my journey.

But all in all, it was the best memory of my life, as a StarWinder. Will I ever forget those sweet moments we had together? I certainky believe I won't.

Thank you~!


valium said...

eh ada gambar jo
hi jo~


cendawanintim said...

yang gambo baju melayu tu yang paling ensem!

AlexAlabasta said...

Lame dah x ckp ngn die, huhu~

Skola tak cukop duit, kak. Guner jelah baju melayu~

fakhruddin said...

bro, final woc 21 jun ni kot. datang tengok tak? kat picc. tapi kali ni bukan sbp je, cluster school pun ade gak. ave maria...

incik neng said...

dude ..ak tersentuh

absolute masterpiece

apsal lately sume orang mengembalikan kenangan lame aa whahaa

fakhruddin said...

tau tak pasal star yang latest?


AlexAlabasta said...

Bayo x g tgk tuh? Mcm best je... But probably not kot cos cam nk g OBW~

Hehe, mungkinkh kerana OBW dh sekat, dak2 muler terflashback zaman muda2?

OMG! Yup2! Haiya, diorg nih!

fakhruddin said...

masuk free je. tak payah bayar. woc tuh kan 21 jun. obw lak 24 ke 26... lain hari. dtg je la...

oh ye, bro, dulu house pe? white kan?

nisha said...

wah...aku terharu sbb post ak wat ko terharu..(ayat ape neyh..hahah) & ingtkan pasal kisah dolu-dolu.

Bajet said...

Aku pun terharu. Dulu pun life aku sama macam ni gak.

Fauzan Abdullah said...

nyamok!! jom tgk final!! aku now big fans of Star!! go suhaimi go!! lol

AlexAlabasta said...

Erm, kene tgk dl la. Hopefully dpt pergi. PETRONAS, cepat2 la masukkan duir claim aku, haha~! Ps- Saya org Merah. Hot okay? Bukan Putih yang konon2 suci itu~

Hehe, mekasih Nisha. I luv that cover so damn much!

Tu ah, Jali. Actually post ni pon dedicated utk ko~

Haha! Tenkiu2~ Hopefully STAR makin naik balik skang~

fakhruddin said...

eh red house ek? haha. silap. adoi malu...

eleh white house dah 3 tahun berturut2 menang hari sukan since 2007 huhu

Anonymous said...


nice artilce..

well written..

most touching article ever!

hee..mcm buat quote utk movie or book..

AlexAlabasta said...

Wekkk~!!! X kisah pon (Menahan jeles)

Haha, thanx Guru! It just flowed, sorry for any vocab and grammar, malas nak perbetul~

Billy Aman said...

bro..y suria wasnt in the list..u r the main character rite?..hahahaha...

p/s: zali sayo..>:)

AlexAlabasta said...

OMG! Suria~! Camne leh terlupa lak!