Monday, January 12, 2009

Golden Globe Award best dressed!!!

Melissa George is my personal favorite! She won me with this elegant yet fresh dress. Love the black and white combination, giving a clean expression. Sophisticated glamorous!!! I can see a trend coming.

More best dressed, come here!

On the other hand, this girl Freida Pinto hurts my eyes with shaggy, unfinished-curtain dress! And the color, I can't decide between mustard or curry powder! Her dress alone destroys her beautiful face and exquisite accessories~

It was listed in 'The best Dress', I don't agree. What do you think?

More worst dressed, come here!

Somebody should kill Renee Zellweger! From her top to bottom, all wrong!!! She deserves the first spot. Oh yeah, Anne Hathaway looks marvelous, how is she put in worst dressed?

Oh yeah, although her dress is awful, I love Christina Applegate's floral Lorraine Schwartz necklace.

Feed your eyes, peeps!
Till then,



cendawanintim said...

tepek lagi tau!

cik k♥dah said...


lawoooooooooo..mau pkai gtu jge d sgamat..argh!gler~


AlexAlabasta said...

Udah~ Hehe... Tq~


Huii, kalo K'Dah pakai macam tuh sure meletopz satu segamat!